From Mark’s Recent Works Exhibition – Paul Kuhn Gallery

~ about the work, by Mark

The vital essence of my work owes its strength to simply asking the question: what can paint and beeswax actually do? The final painting itself should set about supplying an unrepentant answer related to the encaustic wax process itself. This age-old method meaning “to burn in” needs to be applied with some swiftness. The beeswax is heated in garage-sale electric frying pans made molten hot and it is liable to cool on the brush if not handled with some speed. The result is that you see me, in the act of painting, the work a permanent present participle of creativity. The modish word to describe such action is “marks,” but that implies discrete traces of remote activity. In my case, the more you look, the more you see the paint, the pigment, and the beeswax in a state of turbulent self-animation: dripping and drizzling, stabbing and dabbing with gleeful impurity announcements from a cunning committed empiricist, blurring lucid forms into supple dreams. I hope the result offers a unique visual experience.